KUWAIT: A fireman battles a blaze inside a Salmiya building yesterday.

KUWAIT: A fireman and an officer were injured in a fire reported in Salmiya yesterday. The two were treated onsite as firemen extinguished the blaze, which was on the second floor of a six-storey building in the area, Kuwait Fire Force said yesterday. An investigation was opened to reveal the cause of the fire.

Meanwhile, firemen managed to isolate and control a fire on a 70-foot yacht that was docked at Khairan Marina, after moving away other boats from the area. The fire was put out without injuries. Likewise, firemen responded to a call about water leaking into a 36-foot yacht. Two individuals were found in good health and secured by firemen. Similarly, Salmiya firemen responded to a call about a sunken boat with 11 persons on board. Seven men on board were rescued without any injuries, KFF noted in a statement.

Firemen are seen tackling a blaze on a yacht.

Separately, fire broke out inside a garage in Fahaheel Industrial area. Firemen responded to the call and fought the blaze, which started from a vehicle inside the garage, and were able to control the flames from spreading. No injuries were reported. Also yesterday, KFF reported that firemen put out a blaze in a vehicle that slowly spread to five other vehicles in Sharq. No one was hurt, according to KFF, which noted that investigations were opened in each incident to reveal the cause of the fire.