KUWAIT: Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD) is holding the 14th Fireman Day Festival from March 3-5, 2016 at the Souq Sharq Mall. This festival is held under the patronage of Sheikh Mohammed Al-Abdullah Al-Mubarak Al- Sabah State Minister for Cabinet Affairs. The 3-day program is aimed at informing people of the important role of the firefighters, and the hard job they do during the whole year. The festival includes an exhibition of firefighting vehicles and equipments, in addition to products and services of the participating institutions at the seaside front.

Photography gallery is on display in the middle of the Mall - showcasing some major fire accidents that the firefighters dealt with. There are many entertaining and awareness activities for children and adults including: live demonstration of extinguishing fire by housewife in the kitchen; documentaries; Kidzania shows; and different competitions for kids and for adults as well. The activities are going on from 5:00 pm- 9:30pm.

“These activities are part of the National celebrations of our beloved country. The firefighters are sacrificing their lives to protect the lives and properties of others. This is why we strongly respect all firemen in all sectors and departments, and we should support them,” Director General of KFSD, Lt Gen Yousif Al-Ansari said during the launching ceremony yesterday.

“According to KFSD’s statistics, the firefighters dealt with more than 12,400 accidents, where they saved many lives and properties. Also they ensured the safety of more than 23,300 building. Our firefighters also inspected over 21,000 locations for safety conditions and held various awareness and educational campaigns for different institutions,” Al-Ansari said. These achievements were done with the support of different institutions. “KFSD is cooperating with various public and private institutions including the Kuwaiti army, National Guards, and the oil sector, in addition to the partnership with the private sector. The main goal of this event is to increase awareness and rehabilitate the public to protect themselves and help others, as well as helping us decrease the daily fire accidents,” he added.

Colonel Khalil Al-Ameer, Public Relations and Media Director noted that the firefighters do sacrifice their lives for others. “This festival and other achievement of KFSD wouldn’t be done without the support of other institutions including the Ministry of Defense, National Guard, Ministry of Interior, Kuwait Oil Company, Medical Emergency Department, the sponsors and the media,” he pointed out. Officials representing these institutions were awarded. This was followed by a tour at the exhibition, and then the Challenge Show presented at the sea.

By Nawara Fattahova