KUWAIT: The Ministry of Education (MOE) announced Monday that the final decision on concluding the school year for all grades will be made after July 15. In this regard, MOE's assistant undersecretary for educational research and curriculums affairs Salah Dabshah said that the recently launched online platform for grade 12 students had only cost KD 400 (around $1,320) and that it is supervised by 7,267 educationists with the aim of continuing education under all circumstances, and in light of the spread of COVID-19. Dabshah added that the platform is mainly run by national manpower to avoid the need to hire private companies.

In the meantime, MOE's assistant undersecretary for public education Osama Al-Sultan said that 90 percent of grade 12 students (27,728 out of a total of 29,908) have already registered to use the online platform. "Registration is way beyond expectations and will remain open until all students are registered, Sultan added, noting that registration is being done without using a database in order to allow illegal residents join in.

The education ministry has not provided timetables or details on when it plans to launch online classes for grade 12 students via the online platform. The current plan calls for grade 12 students to resume classes by August, and students of other grades by October. - KUNA