Prince Ali bin al Hussein
Prince Ali bin al Hussein
FIFA candidate Ali queries Salman's role in Bahrain protests

KUWAIT: National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) always strives to raise customer awareness, promote financial inclusion and enhance financial literacy among all segments of society. In this regard, the bank continues supporting the “Let’s Be Aware” campaign launched by the Central Bank of Kuwait, in cooperation with local banks and Kuwait Banking Association (KBA).

To this end, NBK intensifies awareness campaigns by publishing educational materials and awareness content including video clips and text communications, as well as awareness tips on all its social media platforms and other digital channels, as well as reposting of CBK’s communications. This aims to increase awareness among all segments of society and familiarize them with the various fraud schemes, and the precautions to steer clear of these attempts.

NBK highlights that protecting banking and personal information is crucial, providing customers with banking information protection tips, seeking to raise awareness on how to protect banking information and avoiding suspicious advertisements enticing people with lucrative profits.

Suspicious advertisements involve high risk, by exposing customers to download remote access applications on personal devices or asking for bank data to deposit prize amounts in personal accounts. Therefore, NBK strongly urges to avoid giving credentials to others as this may lead to stealing personal information, as well as being alert to the various schemes used by scammers to intrigue people to share confidential data or OTP.

With the increasing fraud attempts using various schemes, NBK is keen to protect customers and increase their awareness of how to steer clear of fraud by following the tips provided on all its digital channels. It also affirms that it will never ask customers for personal information via e-mail, SMS or phone calls, warning them of responding to such messages representing fraud attempts to obtain their banking information to steal their money or data.

NBK harnesses its tremendous capabilities in communicating with customers as well as all its digital channels, which are the most popular among all Kuwaiti banks, to support CBK’s endeavors to protect customers and the economy. NBK is a key supporter and partner in all CBK’s campaigns and initiatives to increase financial and banking awareness among different segments of society. As a leading financial institution in Kuwait, NBK frequently organizes various activities to raise awareness on all topics related to the banking sector, as well as various training courses for its employees to enhance their experience in the areas of combating fraud and financial crime.

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