Kuwait: Police learned about a woman claiming to be a doctor in a private clinic injecting patients with medical material without a license. The woman, an Egyptian, was found to have been practicing "medicine" for six months and received a monthly salary. The department added that six residency violators were arrested along with a woman claiming to be a cosmetologist, three nurses working without licenses, a receptionist and a cleaner with article 22 residency.

Fake office busted

Residency detectives busted a bogus domestic help office run by an Ethiopian woman who harbored absconding domestic helpers, then sent them to work for daily wages. In a second raid, another similar office run by an Asian was busted. Police found nine Sri Lankan workers and an Indian with a child.

Traffic campaign

The traffic department's technical testing unit carried out a campaign at Kabd roundabout area, resulting in recording 200 violations. Nine concrete mixers were impounded for dumping their contents, while a car was impounded and its driver was sent for deportation.

'liquor' possession

Hawally police arrested an Indian man who had 201 bottles suspected of being liquor. The arrest was made in Jabriya.