By Sahar Moussa

Once again Kuwaiti artiste Faisal Marei aka Face was able to entertain hiselite audience and deliver a very unique video with his new single 'Diamond'. Face is a singer, songwriter and former band member of Army of One. The vocally-gifted musician is known for his R&B music. He began his music journey at an early age and continues to pursue his musical passions today. As a child, Faisal remembers singing along in the car to an array of musical genres from the '60s and '80s with his parents. He began to gain an interest in R&B music in the '90s.

During the pandemic, with more free time on his hands, Faisal reconnected with his musical creativity and began writing, producing, and collaborating with artistes to create his R&B singles. Faisal's latest release - his comeback song 'My World' - in collaboration with Rahaf from the band Guitara, merged Arabic and English R&B into one to create a new sound, quite unique to the music scene in Kuwait.

Faisal later worked on his first solo 'I Need You', followed by a music video produced by Rashid Al-Neaimi'rashidvisuals'. Faisal also collaborated with an underground Jamaican artist named Kozmik to create the song 'Come Down'. Finally, Faisal created the song 'Diamonds', a track that mixes old and new school sounds.

Kuwait Times interviewed Face to talk about the launch of his new music video and upcoming projects in Kuwait. Some excerpts.

Kuwait Times: What is the name of the song and what does it talk about?

Faisal Marei aka Face: The song's name is 'Diamond'. It is a simple love song with a simple storyline that talks about a man showing his appreciation and love to a woman.

KT: Who wrote the song lyrics and composed the music? Who are the artistes that collaborated with you in the video (director, music, production)?

Face: The song was performed and written by me. The video production, directing, editing and DOP was done by the talented Fadi Attia Al-Mograby, also known as "Fadi Films".

KT: Where did you shoot the video?

Face: The video was shot in the desert in order to take the perfect sunrise shot.

KT: What were the main difficulties in producing this song?

Face: For me, it was the first time working with Fadi Attia Al-Mograby, and like any artiste you are scared that the outcome wouldn't serve your vision. Fadi had his own vision that I had to trust and follow. It took us two days of intense overnight shooting and work, but all the hard work came to life. He did a great job and exactly what we planned for.

KT: What are your upcoming projects? When can we expect another song from you?

Face: Currently I'm working on R&B jams and some Arabic music. I'm planning to continue dropping singles every few months, and hope to continue collaborating with artistes from all over the globe to experiment with different sounds and genres and continue sharing my music with the world.