KUWAIT: Minister of Justice and Awqaf Yaqoub Al-Sane revealed the basics of an extradition agreement with the United Kingdom, which regulates the extradition process mentioned in the agreement proposal. The two sides agreed to hand over any person wanted for trial or to serve a sentence. Sane explained on his Twitter account that this article calls for handing persons according to the following: Those wanted for trial who are charged by authorities in the country asking for extradition will be extradited to complete the penal procedures related to the trial.

Sane said those sentenced to jail terms are divided into two types - first are those who were sentenced in absentia, and they will be extradited to the requesting country to serve their sentence with the right of the suspect for retrial. He said the second type are those who are sentenced to jail sentence in their presence, and the party to the agreement can ask for extraditing that person to complete serving his sentence. He said that article 4 of the proposal calls for guarantees during which extradition will be denied according to the following: Extradition will be denied according to this agreement if the side asked to hand over the suspect has serious reasons to believe that the extradition request was submitted for the purpose of trying or punishing a person based on ethnicity, religion, nationality or gender, or his status or political views. Sane said if extradition will lead to violating the human rights of the person to be extradited, the above mentioned text is among the guarantees of the human rights of those persons. - Al-Qabas