By Faten Omar

KUWAIT: Kuwait Technical College organized a panel discussion entitled 'Computer Science Day' on Wednesday with the participation of the US Embassy and the Communication and Information Technology Regulatory Authority at its premises. "We live today in the era of digital technology and information revolution. With the spread of smart devices and cloud services, and with electronic development, there are those who seek to target these systems through cyberattacks and information penetration in different ways," Chairman of K-Tech Mashari Boodai said.

"These attacks can affect every business entity in different societies, so we must work together to raise awareness and find solutions to avoid these cyberthreats and protect everyone, whether at the international level, governmental and private sectors, or at the level of individuals," he added. "Kuwait Technical College is keen to organize sessions by experts and specialists in the field of cybersecurity from CITRA and the US Embassy to Kuwait to talk about the steps and measures to limit these attacks," Boodai pointed out.

The audience

Meanwhile, representatives from the US military discussed several topics and gave an overview of current cybersecurity threats and best practices to keep information and information systems secure at home, work and school. Experts discussed sociopolitical events influencing cyberactivity and emerging topics in cybersecurity, saying that during the pandemic many people start working from home and still do, so they have to make sure the companies are securing the devices they use and the kind of security they were offered, taking into consideration that we are living in the technology era where the Internet is everywhere and people are at risk.

They believe networks are constantly vulnerable or have already been hacked. Therefore, ongoing verification of users, devices and access is necessary. The representatives also had a discussion on sociopolitical events influencing cyberactivity and emerging topics in cybersecurity, computer security and best practices, showing recent examples of cyberattacks.

The discussion was presented by experts BG Robert Powell, who is currently serving as the 335th Signal Command (Theater) (Provisional) commander at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait, MAJ Ameaa Lago, an MS in Computer Science - currently serving in 160th Signal Brigade, Sham McLendon, serving as the first female Warrant Officer Advisor to the Kuwait Ministry of Defense J6, Zenetta Mitchell, serving as the IT Lead for OMC-K, and Kyle Brundage, who is serving as the System Administrator for OMC-K.