KUWAIT: Policemen were dispatched to a cafe in Ardiya where a citizen's ex-wife assaulted him and his new girlfriend. Security sources said that as soon as policemen arrived, the couple fled the scene. The woman refused to press any charges although her ex-husband had smashed her mobile phone.

Neighbor accused of assault

An Egyptian filed a complaint against his neighbor in a Fintas building, accusing him of assault.

Reckless driving

A citizen was arrested for reckless driving, annoyance and endangering others' lives in Kabd. Security sources noted that the suspect drove a pickup truck without registration and hid it at a ranch owned by his father.

Mysterious call

The MoH hotline received a mysterious call from a female citizen demanding to meet Minister Dr Ali Al-Obaidi in person, otherwise she would immolate herself to death. Security sources said investigations are in progress to identify the caller.

Motorist wanted

A search is on for a motorist who was chased by police around Ahmadi streets before he pretended to stop, then threw a bag of marijuana at policemen and drove off, said security sources. - Al-Rai and Al-Anbaa