KUWAIT: (From left) Dr Dunya Bastaki, Dr Kalthoum Hussein and Athar Al-Shaiba.

KUWAIT: Chairwoman of the Arab Union for Specialized Women - Kuwait branch Dr Kalthoum Hussein Awadh participated in the 'Here for Her Health' event that was held at Salwa Al-Sabah Hall in the presence of Dr Dunya Bastaki, the chairperson of the health sector in the union and Athar Al-Shaiba, head of communications in the union. The event aims at discovering unique experiences of women in the region and concentrating on understanding women's health needs that are not met. It also sheds light on economic empowerment as a pre-condition for women's health.

Dr Kalthoum said, "we were keen to attend the event to reflect the role of Kuwaiti women, strengthen their role in the society, and know their rights and duties in the field of family health. We also wanted to educate all society groups about the importance of girls' education and prepare strategic plans to prevent work accidents and vocational illnesses of women."