This handout photo shows a man arrested yesterday with possession of marijuana he planted with the intention to sell. This handout photo shows a man arrested yesterday with possession of marijuana he planted with the intention to sell.

KUWAIT: Mubarak Al-Kabeer detectives arrested a European national who planted marijuana for sale. Detectives learned earlier that the suspect sold drugs, and when they raided his home, they found a protected plantation area and marijuana seeds. He confessed to planting and selling marijuana. He was sent to concerned authorities.

Domestic helpers

The domestic help department with backup from the residency violators' follow-up department carried out a campaign against domestic help offices in Ahmadi, resulting in the arrest of 10 domestic helpers who had security restrictions against them, and were sent to concerned authorities. Ten other domestic helpers were detained for residency violations.

Traffic campaigns

The traffic control department in governorates carried out several traffic campaigns during the past few days resulting in issuing 37,636 traffic citations, 9,569 for using mobile phones while driving, 20,110 for not using seatbelts and 7,957 for parking in designated handicapped areas.

Stores closed

Municipality statistics revealed that eight stores were shut down, 116 citations issued and 1,255 signs removed during October. The report shows that the emergency team issued 66 citations for store sign violations, 39 citations against stores, 11 citations for food violations, including sign license expiry, having a sign without a municipality license, employing a worker without a health certificate, working before obtaining a health certificate, selling expired goods and not complying with general hygiene, besides closing eight stores.

Fires tackled

Salmiya and South Salmiya fire departments fought a fire that broke out in an asphalt truck and trash behind Al-Rashid Hospital in Salmiya yesterday. It took firemen 20 minutes to put out the fire and no injuries were reported. A fire also broke out in a car on Abdaly road yesterday morning. Jahra fire center responded and put out the small fire in a few minutes. Meanwhile, South Salmiya fire center responded to a call about persons stuck in an elevator in Rumaithiya. Firemen lowered the elevator and freed them without injuries.

KFSD delegation

A delegation from the Kuwait Fire Services Directorate (KFSD) left for Qatar to attend the activities of heavy standardization of Qatar's search and rescue team. The Kuwaiti team participated in the opening of the practical exercise which continued for 36 consecutive hours.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun