KUWAIT: EQUATE Petrochemical Company, a global producer of petrochemicals, sponsored the 2nd Kuwait International Health, Safety and Environment Conference and Exhibition (KIHSE) 2017 to support the development of the industrial sector throughout the world. Held during the 15th and 16th of February 2017, the conference gathers various global figures and experts of the industrial sector to discuss several topics about environment, health and safety (EHS).

During the event, EQUATE's President and CEO Mohammad Husain participated in panel discussions regarding EHS and sustainability, as well as having a cleaner and safer industry, with a number of industrial leaders from Kuwait and around the world.

Husain highlighted the importance, responsibility and role of EHS management at any organization, adding that "Sometimes, optimizing EHS costs might include arising risks, especially if adequate risk analysis is not performed."

Husain added, "Achieving EHS excellence is not about unlimited spending, rather it is about properly executing risk analysis, setting optimization objectives through training and cost of safety equipment, as well as simplifying safety standards. This requires innovation-based planning and execution to ensure optimum results."

Husain noted, "The safety of people and equipment must never be compromised to save cost. The partnership with our human capital to deliver outstanding performance includes utmost safety as a critical element."

EQUATE's participation in the conference also included EHS Leader Mohammad Al-Shamary, as well as two specialized presentations on industrial safety by Process Safety Expert Abdullah Al-Hazza and EHS Delivery Leader Rajasekar Jayanandhan.