KUWAIT: The Environment Public Authority stressed on Sunday the importance of applying sustainability in society, as it contributes to improving indicators of economic growth as well as attracting domestic and foreign investment towards new economic activities. "Environmental sustainability is a goal and a necessary requirement, as the 'Sustainable Kuwait' conference will be launched on the 12th of December under the slogan 'Biodiversity to build a sustainable future' under the sponsorship of the EPA, the United Nations, the National Assembly, the General Secretariat for Planning, Kuwait University and the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research," Director of Public Relations and Media at EPA Sheikha Al-Ibrahim said in a press statement.

"The application of sustainability in society has many benefits, including improving indicators of the country's economic growth and attracting investments towards new economic activities such as renewable energy and the recycling of household and industrial waste," she explained. "Sustainability means the continuation of the diversity of vital systems and the sustainability of their productivity so that future generations can benefit from resources while meeting current needs without compromising the wealth and capabilities of future generations," she added.

"Kuwait has made great strides in achieving environmental security," Ibrahim said, noting the environmental law in the country is one of the best environmental laws worldwide. Forecasting and risk analysis observer at the General Secretariat for Planning Fudha Al-Muaili confirmed in a similar statement the importance of conferences that discuss the future of the country and the best strategies for preserving it. "Future generations require us to plan for a sustainable life on the planet. It is useful that world leaders meet every year to discuss climate change and the need to invest in nature," she added.

"The Arab region is considered one of the most diverse regions in terms of biological diversity due to its geographical location, as it contributes to supporting economic diversification plans and leads to preserving the ability to adapt to environmental challenges," Muaili explained. Head of the Public Relations Association Jamal Al-Nasrallah said: "The association organized this conference due to its importance, which lies in discussing the issue of climate change and collapse of the environment, and how to maintain a sustainable environment."