KUWAIT: Kuwait Society of Engineers called on the government, specifically the public works ministry, to deal diligently with the deteriorating condition of roads, urging the ministry to launch a national engineering/architectural campaign in all areas of Kuwait, stressing that national staff are capable to take on a challenge like this.

"The state of the roads in Kuwait has turned into a chronic problem whose solution requires more costly treatments from various aspects. There must be a public appearance by officials to explain the reality in full transparency before the people and government alike," Secretary of KSE Fahad Al-Otaibi said in a press statement.

"We also warn against the continued lack of transparency in dealing with this problem. It is unacceptable not to inform the public of the reality of the situation regarding deterioration of roads all over Kuwait. We need continuous official announcements and continuous clear data on the condition of the country's roads," Otaibi said. "It is important to put forth a timeline for maintenance through an architectural perspective and inform citizens about it, as well as quickly deal with the situation in areas where the streets are broken and have solutions for them."

Otaibi stressed on the importance to have quality control over roads, with usage of asphalt that is meant for Kuwait's climate and working on filling potholes in streets that do not deteriorate again, as seen during the recent rainfall. Following a policy of charging contractors for any damage to vehicles as a result of flying gravel, potholes and manholes has proven to be effective and can be applied in Kuwait, he said. "The problem of flying gravel is an annual affair, and we must take early measures to face it," he added.