KUWAIT: A citizen allegedly assaulted a member of a hiring committee at a local insurance company after failing a job interview. The man had attended the interview but became enraged after he was not offered a position due to not having a diploma or university degree. The man verbally insulted the members of the hiring committee and then physically attacked one of them. Security guards apprehended the man and called police. The man was taken to Sharq police station and the injured employee was treated by paramedics.

Hit-and-run driver caught

A driver involved in a hit-and-run accident was caught an hour later in Al-Rai. A security source said that while the citizen hit an elderly Syrian while driving recklessly in Nugra, then drove off. Police and paramedics rushed to the area and took the injured man to Mubarak Hospital as his suffered from a broken foot. Patrolmen arrested the offender on Fourth Ring Road and he was taken to Industrial Shuwaikh's police station.