KUWAIT: The ministry of electricity, water and renewable energy announced the electricity load reached a record high of 15,070 megawatts yesterday, amid soaring summer heat that has hit temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius. The ministry said in a press statement that yesterday's record power consumption is 16.8 percent higher than the electricity load recorded on the same day last year, noting that the rate of reserve electrical power in the network is 15 percent.

The ministry predicted that the electricity load will keep rising in the coming days due to rising temperatures. The ministry called on citizens and residents to reduce electricity consumption after registering record high electricity loads, which puts great pressure on the electricity system in the country.

Minister of Electricity and Water Meshan Al-Otaibi had earlier said the expected maximum power consumption this summer is 16,000 megawatts, calling for rationalizing electricity consumption. He added the ministry is always ready for the worst. - KUNA