KUWAIT: As part of its periodic activities, Ejabiya Kuwaiti volunteer team visited the Acting Governor of Hawally and the Capital governorate Ali Salem Al-Asfar where he welcomed the team members,  Narges Al-Shatti, the head of the team, Laila Abel and Lamia Al-Hanyan. He praised the team's community initiative to organize a competition for the most beautiful home garden in the capital governorate.

Al-Asfar praised the efforts of the team to serve the community and emphasized its support for this initiative. Some topics of interest to the community and the governorates of Hawally and the capital were also discussed. For example, they expressed interest in spreading environmental awareness in the two governorates and on the cleanliness and beautification of Hawally governorate as it is divided into private housing areas and investment areas.  He praised the role of the Environment Public Authority and the cosmetic sector in the Public Authority for Agriculture, and emphasized sustainable development.

He also touched on the presence of the emergency team and the environmental police affiliated with the governorate to follow up on any obstacles or emergency observations in the governorate, and reiterated his readiness for the success of this initiative.

Narges Al-Shatti thanked the head of the team and the governor for allocating time to meet the team, appreciating the efforts and support for volunteer work.  His support for the team's initiative, which will be launched during  the celebrations of the National Day and the glorious Liberation Day, started in the capital governorate and then the rest of the governorates to generate awareness about the importance of preserving the environment and establishing healthy cities and smart cities in accordance with to international standards/

The governor thanked the team members and wished them continued excellence and urged it to keep constant communication with the governorates in order to highlight the civilized face of the State of Kuwait.