KUWAIT: Education Ministry cleaners protest over their unpaid salaries

KUWAIT: A number of cleaners rallied outside the Education Ministry building yesterday in protest over not receiving their salaries since July, which made the ministry's services manager Fahd Al-Hayyab summon the contracting company's representative to warn him to resolve the problem. The ministry's assistant undersecretary and official spokesperson Faisal Maqseed stressed that cleaners' salaries are the responsibility of the company hiring them and that the ministry will take legal action against the company.

Meanwhile, assistant undersecretary for administrative affairs and development Raja Boroki said the ministry had paid all its financial commitments to the company providing the cleaners and that the company had been already contacted and urged to resolve the problem of cleaners' overdue salaries. Boroki added the manpower authority has also been contacted to take legal action against the company.

By A Saleh