KUWAIT: A citizen and his brother were recently arrested in Jahra for illegally installing seven surveillance cameras inside a girl's house, blackmailing and threatening to kill her unless she married him, said security sources. The man had repeatedly proposed to the girl related to him but was rejected by her. He thought of sneaking into her house and installing seven surveillance cameras including one in her bathroom.

He had then connected the cameras to his mobile phone and kept on telling her about the details he had access prompting the family to search the house and remove the cameras. The father reported the matter to the police. Angered by being exposed, the suspect barged into her house and put a knife on her neck threatening to kill her unless she married him. However, he was scared away by her screams. He was finally arrested along with his brother who helped him install the cameras.

Life sentence

The court of appeal recently issued a first instance verdict sentencing a citizen to a lifetime for killing his own friend in a Salmiya apartment.

Tomboy arrested

A tomboy was recently arrested for dressing up in male attire and insulting a police officer when he stopped her and asked for her friend's ID, said security sources. Case papers indicate that a police patrol stopped a vehicle with a young couple in it and on checking up the ID of the young 'man', policemen found out that it was only a girl dressed up like a man who also got angry when the police asked for the other girl's ID. A case was filed.

Nine expats deported

Nine expats were recently deported for various reasons including illegal and expired residencies and begging. One was arrested while urinating in a basin used by a citizen's chicken for drinking.

Jeweler arrested

An Arab jeweler was recently arrested for allegedly trying to molest a female citizen. A female citizen in her forties accused an Arab jeweler him of sexual harassment and touching her hand while trying a bracelet on at his shop in Mubarakiya, said security sources. The woman immediately slapped the salesman before filing a report against him despite his argument that she misunderstood him and that he had no bad intentions.

Verdict commuted

The court of appeal recently reduced the verdict passed on a citizen for life over charges of deliberately running over two Egyptians and a citizen killing one and injuring the other two. Now the person has to serve only ten years in prison.

Vendor held

A Syrian Icecream vendor was recently arrested for selling illicit pills, said security sources.

Air cargo inspectors at Kuwait International Airport recently foiled an attempt to smuggle in a parcel arriving from a European country, said security sources. The recipient's name was reported to narcotic police pending further investigations. - Al-Rai/Al-Anbaa