By Hanan Al-Saadoun

KUWAIT: A female customs officer at Kuwait airport's Terminal 4 noticed a female passenger was looking nervous, so her luggage was search and a piece of what is suspected to be hashish and two liquor bottles were found along with illicit tablets. In T5, two passengers, one arriving from Europe and the other from an Arab country, were arrested with suspected drugs. In T1, a passenger arriving from an Arab country was arrested with a piece suspected to be hashish.

Rumors refuted
The Relations and Security Information at the Interior Ministry commented on social media claims that a Kuwaiti suffered a health problem at a police station because policemen refused to accept a complaint against an Asian. It said that a dispute broke out between the citizen and an Asian over the cost of painting the citizen's son's car, so they resorted to the police station to file a complaint. The citizen had a health problem there, so an ambulance was called.

In another case, the department commented about a video showing a juvenile being attacked and threatened with a firearm. It said the clip was taken two years ago, then when it reappeared, the victim's father complained at Khaitan police station. The juvenile court took action, resulting in criminal security arresting five suspects, while three others are being sought.