KUWAIT: Chairperson of Prisoners and Missing Affairs at the Foreign Ministry Rabie Al-Adsani announced yesterday that DNA examination of 10 human remains resulted in affirming their identification as Kuwait's martyrs. Genetic analysis of the remains that had been brought in from Iraq, conducted by the criminal evidence directorate general at the interior ministry, established their identities.

"They were thus added to the list of Kuwait's martyrs who had been initially identified," Adsani said, adding the names of the martyrs whose identities was confirmed according to the DNA tests are Khalaf Salama Yalous Al-Enezi, Shafi Mahdi Meze'l Al-Subaiee, Abdulmohsen Mustafa Radhi Al-Gallaf, Adnan Rashed Al-Khalaf, Ali Aman Al-Mufdhi, Imad Mohammad Ibrahim Al-Bannai, Mohammad Salem Barrak Al-Sawwagh, Naji Fahad Jaafar Abdullah, Nasser Faleh Ayed Al-Rashidi and Nasser Mohammad Faraj Al-Enezi.

Adsani added that these prisoners were abducted during the flagrant Iraqi occupation of the country (1990-1991), and their remains were transferred from Iraq to Kuwait as part of a martyrs' group identified in Nov 2020 and Jan and March 2021. The remains' discovery came after intensive efforts that led to pinpointing the burial sites, Adsani said, adding that relevant information had been submitted to the subcommittee of the tripartite commission, which decided to examine the two locations by an Iraqi team under the supervision of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Remains of these prisoners were found at the discovered sites, Adsani said. The foreign ministry informed the prisoners' families about the results of the genetic examinations, he added, lauding the deceased for sacrificing their souls to redeem Kuwait. He thanked all the parties that played a role in the discovery and identification of the remains. - KUNA