New York: The State of Kuwait is keen on bolstering the culture of peace worldwide to avoid more tragedy, hatred and violence, said a diplomat on Thursday.

In a statement to the UNGA session on the culture of peace, first secretary in the Kuwaiti mission at the UN headquarters in New York Fahad Haji affirmed that boost peace globally required intensive efforts by the world community.

He reflected support towards the UN General Secretariat's recommendations on bolstering efforts in promoting peace and dialogue amongst religions and cultures around the world.

Hatred and racism had been festering around the world and people must stand against such notions to ensure peace, security, and coexistence, Haji reiterated.

All sectors of society must be involved to bolster peace and understanding, Haji noted, pointing out that peace was an important part of the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Haji indicated that sustainable development could not flourish or be achieved without the presence of peace, driving the point further by saying that the culture of peace must be built on solid foundations of understanding, tolerance, and dialogue.