KUWAIT: Capital detectives are gathering information about two women who stole a diamond ring while flirting with a salesman in a jewelry store. The women's actions led the salesman to lose concentration, which allowed them to take the ring, according to his statements. A security source said a bedoon who has a power of attorney from the store owner said an Indian salesman told him two veiled ladies stole the ring, and he submitted a video showing the women flirting with the Indian and leaving.

Suspect turns self in

A man who escaped from the Palace of Justice with the help of his son gave himself up to the public funds prosecution. A security source said the father was arrested immediately following interrogations. The source said the suspect's son, the lawyer who helped him to escape, decided to return to the country tomorrow from New Zealand.


A citizen jumped to her death from a flat she rented 10 days earlier in Salmiya. Police received a call about the woman who threw herself from the 10th floor of the building. Hawally police and paramedics rushed to the scene and found the woman had died of her injuries, and the body was recovered by the coroner. The woman was a 46-year-old citizen, and the haris said she rented the flat 10 days before the incident took place. Investigations are underway to find the reasons and motives behind her suicide.

Drugs, weapons possession

Three firearms, 250 gm of hashish, 160 illicit tablets and 250 gm of shabu were confiscated and three citizens, two of whom are brothers, were arrested by weapons detectives. A security source said detectives learned about a citizen trading in weapons in Sabah Al-Salem, so his house was raided and three firearms, ammunition and 250 gm of hashish were found. The suspect was taken to the weapons detectives department. Meanwhile, detectives received tips about another citizen in Jahra so they went to his house and found 160 illicit tablets and 250 gm of shabu. They also found he has been sentenced to four years in jail on a felony case. When he was being taken to the police car, his brother attempted to free him from them. He was also found wanted on a KD 15,000 debt, so he was arrested too and sent to concerned authorities.

Officers assaulted

A Jahra police patrol asked a car to stop, but the driver sped off instead, so they chased him. The chase ended in front of a house, in which the driver ran into. When policemen asked him to come out, three of his brothers came out and attacked the two policemen, preventing them from reaching the suspect. The policemen had to fire into the air before asking for backup. The three brothers were arrested. Meanwhile, the two policemen went to hospital, got medical reports and lodged complaints at Naeem police station. The main suspect is still at large, and is being sought by police authorities.

Ex-husband charged

A citizen beat his ex-wife and four of her relatives and insulted them verbally after he stormed into their home in Waha, then escaped before the arrival of policemen. The five persons who were beaten went to Jahra Hospital, brought medical reports to the police station and lodged complaints against the suspect.


A citizen who bought a cable from a Jahra phone store wanted to return it a day later, claiming that it was faulty. But the salesman, an Egyptian, refused, and an argument took place that soon turned into blows, until the fight was broken up by passersby. The salesman was injured in the forehead, while the customer suffered several bruises. Both went to the hospital, got medical reports, then went to Jahra police station.

Search for harasser

A citizen in her thirties complained against an elderly man for harassing her in Fintas. She said that he kept trying to give her his number despite admonishing him. A security source said the woman stated that when she wrote down his car's license plate number, he drove behind her until she entered the police station parking lot, then escaped. Police are working on arresting him for questioning.

'Fowl' play

A thief stole 20 pigeons from a citizen's farm in Salmy valued at KD 5,000. A security source said a citizen told Taima police he was surprised by the loss of 20 birds from his farm. Detectives took over the case.

KD 24,000 car stolen

Jabriya police station investigator put out the descriptions of a 2014 model luxury car, while at the same time issued a traffic citation for leaving the car running while being away from it. These actions were taken when a woman told police that she left her car running in front of a pharmacy to buy medicine, only to have a stranger get in the car and drive off. The car is worth KD 24,000. The woman said she left the car running because the weather is hot, adding she only spent one minute inside the pharmacy.


A female citizen died under unknown circumstances in Ardiya. Operations received a call about the body of a woman, and forensics men detected burns on the deceased's face and hands, which suggests foul play behind the death. The prosecution is investigating.

Suicide prevented

Interior Ministry operations received a call about a Kuwaiti prisoner attempting suicide by drinking bleach, and he was rushed to Jahra Hospital in a prison patrol. The prisoner is serving a jail sentence for using drugs. - Al-Rai and Al-Anbaa