KUWAIT: Health Assurance Hospitals Company (DHAMAN) announced that its Director of Human Resources Department Ahmad Bourisli earned the HR Professional Excellence Award 2021 in the healthcare sector from the World Medical Council during a ceremony held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. DHAMAN expressed overall pride for presenting such a prestigious international award to Bourisli, which represents a significant form of recognition for the efforts of the company's HR department and encouragement to realize additional efficiency to realize the company's objectives.

Bourisli received this award for excellence in HR management and in recognition of his professional excellence and outstanding contribution in this field. In addition, on the sidelines of the ceremony, Bourisli participated in a panel discussion addressing the challenges facing the HR sector and future innovative approach to enhance the competency of medical professionals.

DHAMAN affirmed that being one of the strategic elements within the development plan New Kuwait 2035, it dedicates great attention to attracting national human resources to work in this new sector of healthcare in Kuwait. The company has developed an integrated employment plan to provide the medical, technical, as well as administrative staff from various specialties and related professional fields in the healthcare sector, which is expected to provide 7,000 job opportunities over the next few years with a considerable percentage of national employees.