Ahmad Bourisli

KUWAIT: Living up to its 'Healthcare for New Kuwait' slogan, the Health Assurance Hospitals Company (DHAMAN) announced its participation in the virtual career exhibition organized by Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST). Regarding this event, DHAMAN Human Resources Director Ahmad Bourisli said that this participation is part of the company's efforts to attract qualified human resources, especially Kuwaiti nationals, with the aim of developing their abilities and qualification to serve the objectives of New Kuwait 2035.

Bourisli added that DHAMAN has devised a holistic recruitment plan to hire required medical, technical, and administrative staff from various medical specializations and professional fields in healthcare, especially national human resources.

Bourisli noted that DHAMAN has previously launched a number of recruitment campaigns for a number of roles at the company's different facilities, such as the head office, primary healthcare centers and hospitals, which are all part of the company's preparations to finalize activating its healthcare network during next year 2022. Bourisli extended appreciation and gratitude to GUST for organizing these activities, wishing overall success to all students and participants.