KUWAIT: The defense ministry asked its bedoon uniformed personnel to hand over article 17 passports in their possession - be they valid or expired - by the end of November to the noncommissioned and soldiers affairs directorate at the administration and manpower department to avoid legal action. The ministry stressed they should not go to the nationality and passports department of the Ministry of Interior, Al-Rai Arabic daily reported yesterday.

The ministry said an application for a passport by a military person should be directed to the director general of the nationality and passports department with an explanation for the reasons of travel and a document from the ministry, provided that the security ID is valid for at least three months, along with a copy of the health insurance.

It said a copy of the birth certificate and military ID should be attached too. A medical report and doctor's appointment should be attached too if the travel is for treatment. In case the travel is to accompany a child to register at a university, proof of registration and the university ID must be attached along with a copy of the mother's nationality certificate if she is Kuwaiti.