KUWAIT: Salem Al-Ozainah with Osama Al-Armeli and Samar Dizmen in the presence of his family.

KUWAIT: Dasman Bilingual School (DBS) Vice Chairman Osama Rashid Al-Armeli and Superintendent Samar Dizmen graced DBS' graduates of its sixteenth group of students with the American high school diploma, in a ceremony held recently under the patronage of Salem Muthib Al-Ozainah - Chairman and CEO of the Communication and Information Technology Regulatory Authority.

The extravagant event was held at the Jaber Al Ali Stadium. The Superintendent expressed the great honor of celebrating the achievements of DBS students during these extraordinary and difficult times. She mulled over the long, perhaps exhausting but certainly a fruitful and rewarding journey.

Dizmen echoed the culture and ethos of DBS "where we teach our students to be creative, imaginative, think originally and unconventionally and not to be afraid to push the boundaries. Above all, we teach them values to be respectful, considerate of others' ideas, accept the different and embrace the unknown as those qualities and values can transform individuals into real citizens of the world that are able to adapt to critical circumstances and provide solutions to humanity's grand challenges."

"In regards of the pandemic, you all have witnessed the struggle of societies to react and adjust to the new conditions," Dizmen said. "Transformative educational protocols were introduced rapidly for adaptability and perseverance to provide quality education." Dizmen was certain it is not the end but rather "the beginning of a new, perhaps even more exciting and unpredictable journey that will lead you to the next step to modify our way of thinking, to be creative and redefine your approaches to problem management and solution."

Dizmen reassured the graduates that Dasman Bilingual School has provided the appropriate skills, values and disposition for them to set and achieve high goals to make their transition to higher education and/or workforce become a reality. "Congratulations on your graduation! I wish you every success in this new chapter of your life. Good luck and God bless you all!" she said.

Eid Dhari Al-Nassar prepared a speech in Arabic on behalf of the graduating students. The speeches in English were presented by Mariam Bader Al-Sarraf and Sara Adnan Al-Rashdan. In their speeches, students thanked their parents and the school's faculty. They also expressed, on behalf of their fellow classmates, their happiness to have finally reached this point after years of hard work, learning and acquiring knowledge - and said that they are leaving this phase of their learning experience with many positive and unforgettable memories. Special thanks went to Dizmen for her love, care and efforts given to all students during their years of study.

Ozainah said in his honorary speech addressed to the Graduates: "Dear parents, I would like to congratulate you on this remarkable day that you have been waiting for so long to witness the success of your children. I extend my thanks and gratitude to you for your attention, patience, vigilance and your hard work in order to see your children crowned on this happy day, I pray to God that you see them in the highest ranks of success."

Ozainah then addressed his speech to the school administration and teachers." The esteemed Dasman School administration and distinguished teachers, success is the moment of victory that is awaited by every persevering and struggling," he said. "This moment would not come without your presence beside the students and your harnessing of your efforts and support for them throughout these years."

"To the graduating students, by education and money, people can build their possessions. From this platform, your journey towards knowledge and success begins, and determination, success will be his ally. Your country and your parents are waiting for you to be the best example to follow," Ozainah concluded. The graduation ceremony ended with Ozainah, Armeli and Dizmen presenting students with their graduation diplomas and awards.