By Majd Othman

KUWAIT: The International Law Student Society at the Kuwait University hosted the sixth edition of Dal Talks Conference on Thursday in the presence of prominent Kuwaiti personalities to share with the attendees their personal experiences and stories to inspire those who pursue the same projects in the future.

Minister of Commerce Mazin Al-Nahedh, one of the main speakers, told Kuwait Times that the aim of supporting the Kuwaiti youth entrepreneurs is to help them establish successful businesses in all fields. This will be a great initiative for the future as a key employment tool for the next generation instead of solely relying on government jobs.

“We seek to provide the Kuwaiti youth entrepreneurs a convenient business environment for establishing businesses, giving them easier procedures to obtain licenses and providing them with full support with regards to allocating lands or suitable places to establish all kinds of businesses,” Al-Nahedh added.

“Dal Talks is a seminar that focuses on spreading the importance of giving back to the community. And that’s why we picked certain members from the youth who have added something to the society, be it in the field of economy, business or in social life. In this talk we had four important characters of the Kuwaiti Youth Society that we found inspirational,” Fadia Taleb Al-Refai, Vice President of the Kuwait International Law Student Society told Kuwait Times.

(From left) Khalid Al-Otaibi, Omar Al-Othman and Abdulaziz Al-Rashed

Khalid Al-Otaibi, Talabat Founder, stressed that he wants to help the Kuwaiti youth to grow their small businesses and develop them, adding “These youth are the future of our country. There is a constant hesitation or fear among our community to join the private sector in view of the stability the public sector provides to them.

Asrar Al-Ansari

Therefore, we are supporting the youth to join the private sector,” he added. Tarek Adeeb Al-Othman, head of the committee of Dal Talks, said, “Dal Talks is a non-profit talk conference that aims to shed light on Kuwaiti youths who had made big achievements but didn’t get an opportunity to share with the local community. Therefore we organized this talk for the sixth year in a row to give them our full support and share their experiences with other entrepreneurs and attendees.”

Asrar Al-Ansari, writer and media representative, pointed out that she participated in this talk in order to be a part of the inspirational process this talk gives to the attendees and students. Omar Al-Othman, business entrepreneur, said he is one of the speakers of the conference, still he thinks that it is important to take advantage of the great information he can get from other speakers. Regarding the main challenges the Kuwaiti youth is facing, Al-Othman said, “The global market is undergoing some significant changes currently in terms of laws and events and no one has any control over it.”