KUWAIT: The Civil Service Commission (CSC) announced it contacted the Interior Ministry for investigations into workers of a security company, as one of the employees had been receiving bribes to hurry up ID card issuance. It contacted the Interior Ministry in order to find the network based on the information they obtained at the CSC from auditors.

Officers were chosen by the CSC and the Interior Ministry was represented by the General Directorate of Investigation to cooperate and exchange information. These efforts culminated in the arrest of some employees of the security company and one CSC employee, who were referred to the public prosecution.

"There is no manipulation or forgery in any of the transactions, but only abuse of authority by the employee to hurry up the production of civil ID cards," the CSC stressed. Notably, the CSC on April 2020 provided an alternative Kuwait Mobile ID app, as all applications can be completed through it. This was done to decrease traffic and to ensure all procedures are going through the right process. The app is currently being used by 3 million people.

Two expat women jailed

In another development, the criminal court ordered to jail two expatriate women from an Asian country for seven and three years respectively on charges of impersonating a doctor and performing filler, Botox and other cosmetic surgeries on patients at a salon. Their arrest came after a tripartite committee was formed by the medical permits department at the health ministry, the medicine inspection department and the Public Authority of Manpower at the interior ministry, which discovered a women's salon that was violating its permits by performing medical operations. The two Asian women did not have a permit to practice medicine, and used unlicensed machines such as a laser machine. Moreover, local anesthetics and ampoules not licensed by the health ministry were found. The accused were sent to the public prosecution.