KUWAIT: The criminal court set Oct 18 to try Shiite cleric Hussein Al-Maatouq, who is facing charges of violating the national unity law, spreading rumors and making false accusations against the interior ministry during a sermon he delivered at Al-Hussein Mosque, where he claimed that the Abdaly cell members were only detained and prosecuted for being Shiites.

Fake contracts

Residency detectives arrested a manpower authority employee working at the government contracts department for passing some fake contracts to bring more laborers into Kuwait. Case papers indicate that detectives had been tipped off concerning the employee's activity and on tracking him, detectives found that he had used fake contracts for MoE, MoH and the awqaf ministry, which were used to bring in 700 employees.

Retirement list

The Ports Authority started preparing lists of 170 employees due to be referred for retirement after 30 years in service, including 75 who had voluntarily retired over the past months.

Mahboula schools

The Education Ministry has approved a request filed by a private educational facility to open a kindergarten and primary bilingual school in Mahboula, said informed sources, noting that the private education director Abdullah Al-Basri asked the municipality to examine the school building and its suitability for the educational purpose it applied for.

School land

MoE Undersecretary Dr Haitham Al-Athari formed a special committee to set the regulations for allocating land plots for private schools. The committee will be responsible for studying the needs of each area as well as studying investors' applications.

Evening clubs

MoE also announced that 31 evening clubs would be open this year in all six governorates, said informed sources, explaining that two clubs for boys and two for girls would be opened in each governorate in addition to one club for private school boys and one for private school girls, two bowling clubs in Mubarak Al-Kabeer and the Capital and a robotics club.

Metro project

PPP Director Adel Al-Roumi stressed that a proposal on proposed Kuwait metro project has been submitted to the Municipal Council for approval. Roumi also expected listing the first company to produce electricity at KSE within 18 months.

Mosque data

Minister of Awqaf Yaaqoub Al-Sane has asked for a list of the total number of mosques in Kuwait pending installation of fingerprint machines for imams and muezzins by the end of the month.

Credit Bank bonds

Kuwait Credit Bank is currently planning to issue bonds in Kuwaiti dinars through local banks or governmental investment bodies to fund its needs to cover housing requests.

Husband fined

A civil court yesterday sentenced a citizen to pay his wife the sum of KD 30,500, pay the case expenses and KD 100 as lawyers' fees. Case papers indicate that the couple had jointly owned a property they sold for KD 130,000, but the husband refused to pay her share.

Hajri appointment

The administrative court yesterday annulled a decision made by the Minister of Education demanding cancellation of appointing the Higher Institute for Theatrical Arts' dean Dr Fahd Mansour Al-Hajri and stressed that Hajri's appointment had been legally made by a committee that interviewed three applicants, Nermeen Al-Houti, Hajri and Suleiman Arti.

By A Saleh