KUWAIT: The Criminal Court, chaired by Judge Mohammad Al-Duaij has postponed its yesterday session for case number 55/2015 on the terrorist cell with 26 defendants to December 1st, to hear the final testimony. In the closed-door session on November 5, the court has heard the testimony of defense witnesses, while on the November 3rd, the court heard the testimony of the Public Prosecution in the case. The court also heard the testimony of medical examiners on October 21.

Meanwhile, the court heard the testimony of ballistic officer on October 13. On October 6th, the tribunal listened to the criminal inspection officer in a closed-door session. On October 4th, it refused to release defendants and listened to the State security officer, who was summoned to testify in a closed-door hearing. Moreover, it had freed four of the accused on a KD 500 bail each (USD = KD 0.3), but banned them from travel and compelled the defendants to attend next sessions. There are 26 persons charged with the case. They are all Kuwaitis, except for a single Iranian. The first hearing was convened on September 15th. The Public prosecution had called for pre-trial detention of all the suspects, accused of carrying out hostile acts against the State of Kuwait, communicating with Iran and Hezbollah and the possession of firearms, guns, ammunition and eavesdropping devices.- KUNA