KUWAIT: The criminal court adjourned the case of the suspect in the murder of police officer Torky Al-Enezi until August 14, awaiting a psychiatrist's report. The public prosecution charged the suspect with premeditated homicide, and that he intended to kill the largest number of policemen at a security point by running them over during the national holiday's celebration earlier this year. He killed a police captain with a knife he had prepared for his purpose. The prosecution said the stabbing was in a public place and all those there heard him insulting HH the Amir and his authority. He also called for joining a group that calls for destroying the constitution by illegal means, and to take over the social and economic system in the country.

More authorities

State Minister for Municipal Affairs and Communications Minister Essa Al-Kandari issued a ministerial decision giving more authorities to Director General of the Municipality Ahmad Al-Manfouhi to make work easier at the municipality. The authorization included decisions related to supervisory jobs, financial rewards for outstanding work, sending employees on official missions or scholarships or training courses and promoting employees according to seniority, in addition to other related issues.

Infrastructure contract

An informed source at Kuwait Municipality said an infrastructure contract will be partially signed for Saad Al-Abdullah City despite obstacles in executing part of the project. It said the signing will cover the surroundings of nearly 25,000 residences, and another contract will be signed after the obstacles are removed.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi