KUWAIT: Several fish companies have complained against officials at the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources for not implementing the law on violating fish farming companies in Sulaibiya agricultural area, attempting to find a loophole for them and delaying the reclamation of fishing areas. The complaint was filed at the Public Anticorruption Authority. The department concerned with the allocated areas has sent more than 10 letters and reports demanding to take the necessary action and take back five areas from five companies for lack of seriousness in establishing fish projects to have food security in the country. The statement sent to the Public Anticorruption Authority includes all correspondence between concerned departments, violations and lack of implementing the law for more than three years. They said these were paper companies and did not do anything since they were established.

Terror funding

The criminal court will give its verdict against people accused of financing and fighting with the Islamic State (IS) group and Nusra Front on December 16. Meanwhile, the court deferred a state security case against Shiite cleric Hussein Al-Maatouq until January 27. Maatouq denied all charges of instigating strife, false news and contempt of court.

Absconding complaints

As part of the coordination between the Manpower Public Authority and Interior Ministry, the committee that decides on absconding complaints held its first meeting to discuss and study the mechanisms of absconding complaints between the authority and the interior ministry by studying statistics, deciding on registered cases and searching for the possibility of finding friendly solutions in some cases. Deputy General Manager of the Manpower Public Authority Abdullah Al-Moutah said weekly meetings will be held by the committee to study cases and decide on them, adding that the release of oppressed workers is near.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi