KUWAIT: Al-Nuzha Co-op Society announced closing its central market until tomorrow after one of their employees tested positive for coronavirus. The co-op will also suspend the delivery service. Al-Nuzha's customers can shop from the branches in blocks 2 and 3, or at the closet co-op in other areas. Meanwhile, a cashier working for Family Supplies Center at Al-Rumathiya Co-op Society was infected with coronavirus. The co-op announced closing the center and the central market in block 7 yesterday, while reopening them today. Separately, Kuwait Municipality denied social media reports alleging that a delivery service driver tested positive for coronavirus.

Public complaints
KUWAIT: The Ministry of Health argued people who have complaints about any problems with medication they bought or used, to send their complaints on the website: https://eservices.moh.gov.kw/SPCMS/DrugComplaintsar.aspx. Meanwhile, Dr Rana Al-Fares, Minister of Public Works affirmed that the ministry still receives public complaints on emergency hotlines: 150 or 93333150.

She added that they received 659 complaints, working on 38, and finished 621 of the received complaints about repairing roads. In the meantime, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry received several complaints regarding the delay in delivering purchased orders from some companies. In this regard, the ministry argued people to send their complaints to WhatsApp at 98725811 to take the necessary actions.

Oil price up
KUWAIT: The price of Kuwaiti oil went up by $1.29 to $21.60 per barrel on Wednesday after it was at $20.31 pb the day before, said the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) yesterday. The price of the Brent crude went down by $1.25 to $29.72 per barrel, the same case with the West Texas Intermediate, which down by 57 cents to $23.99 pb. - KUNA