By Majd Othman

KUWAIT: Mona Al-Yatama, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Choose Center and campaign supervisor, said at the press conference which was held, on Wednesday, regarding the launch of the second campaign, 'I was in your place 2' that the campaign focused on spreading awareness among the society about the danger of drug addiction and its effects over several aspects of life.

She explained that, "there are some misconceptions that the addicts cannot stop their habits but actually there are many abusers who have stopped using drugs, therefore this campaign will focus on spreading awareness and information about addiction and addicts." "Also, it is important to educate the parents about the duration of treatment, so this campaign seeks to raise awareness of all matters related to drug abuse," she said.

"We wish that our message from this campaign reaches all the members of society, especially with the creative style used in the campaign this time to attract the audience to put the spotlight on this issue."

Officials being presented with a memento for their efforts.

Nasser Al-Sheikh, Director of Research and Studies Department for Youth and Community Development at the Youth Public Authority, mentioned that, "The Youth Public Authority is highly interested in supporting the volunteer initiatives that adopts important issues such as this cause and especially the experience of the ex-drug addicts despite it being a negative experience for them, but it helps to spread awareness among the youth about the danger of being a drug addict."

"One of our main values at the Youth Public Authority is to partner with all initiatives that care about major causes especially the ones that destroy the society, while the drug issue needs attention from the whole society and private, governmental authorities to participate in their journey of recovery."

Attendees at the drug awareness campaign.

Meanwhile, Ibrahim Al-Fouzan, Business Director of Toyota Service Centers and Vice Chairman of Al-Sayer Sustainability and Corporate Excellence Committee, said in the press conference, "The campaign aims to educate different segments of society about the dangers of drugs and other illegal substances as it is causing serious damage on the psychological, physical and behavioral state."

He added that, "with the increase in drug abuse and the presence of a large numbers of addicts, the society is the most affected after the family, as this threatens the public security system and leads to a rise in the crime rate, a loss of labor and a lack of production, in addition to bearing the exorbitant costs of drug addiction treatment for all. Therefore, we focus on the principle that prevention is better than treatment."

The press conference included short videos that the campaign will publish through social media, in addition to highlighting the significance of the participation of drug addicts and their families in such campaigns.