KUWAIT: A bedoon in his twenties was arrested for molesting three children after luring them from schools and in front of their homes. Farwaniya detectives moved after crimes were committed against three Egyptian girls, and were able to arrest him. The crimes took place at the end of the school year, and were discovered when an Egyptian man took his 12-year-old daughter to Andalus police station and told them she was kidnapped and raped by a man she does not know, who brought her back to school and then escaped. Few days later, another Egyptian complained against a man who raped his daughter in front of the building where she lives, while a third Egyptian said his 11-year-old daughter was raped by a man, and he could not catch him, though he was able to determine his features. Detectives moved swiftly and were able to arrest him, and he was identified by the father who saw him. Investigations are underway.

Homicide investigation

Farwaniya prosecution placed the name of an Indian man on the wanted list, as there have doubts that he may have killed his wife. A security source said the reason behind the crime may be his wife's infidelity, as the apartment they lived in is shared by another man. There were signs of violence on the woman's body which suggests a fight had taken place. The roommate called police after finding the woman's dead body in the house which was recovered by the coroner.


Car thieves at large

An Egyptian man told Nugra police that he put his car up for sale, so a person called him and wanted to test drive the vehicle, but instead escaped with the car. Police are looking for him. Meanwhile, Hawally detectives are looking for two unknown people who stole an Indian man's car, claiming to be detectives and had handcuffs with them. The two told the man that the car was wanted and he has to visit the police station, only to discover he was the victim of a theft. - Translated from the Arabic press