Firefighters take rest after tackling the blaze. Firefighters take rest after tackling the blaze.

KUWAIT: A child died in a fire reported at a house in the Oyoun district of Al-Jahra yesterday. The cause of death was determined as smoke inhalation, according to initial investigations. Firemen had rushed to the scene after receiving a call about a fire that trapped 18 persons inside their home. They were able to evacuate all residents, and handed over those injured to paramedics. Some of the injured people were in a critical condition, including the child who later died. Two firemen were also injured while tackling the blaze. An investigation as opened to determine the cause of the fire.

The Drugs Control General Department (DCGA) arrested 10 suspects, including eight Arab men, a bedoon and a citizen, with possession of drugs. Nearly 2 kilograms of shabu (meth), one kilogram of heroin, 120 grams of hashish and 6,200 illicit tablets were confiscated. The suspects were sent to concerned authorities.

Gas leak

Police, firemen, and civil defense officers went on alert following a gas leak reported at a Fintas policlinic. The site was evacuated, and the situation was put under control. Health Ministry maintenance teams were called in to stop the leak and determine the reason behind it.

Kuwait Municipality yesterday announced destroying 1,500 kilograms of expired food seized during an unscheduled crackdown on food stores and warehouses at Industrial Shuwaikh yesterday.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun