By Majd Othman

KUWAIT: IKEA is celebrating life by creating extraordinary moments that happen in ordinary day-to-day situations. "We want to open up IKEA like we have done never before. Therefore, we launched our new digital magazine that will hopefully enrich the lives of people of Kuwait and will help attain a sustainable and better-balanced life at home," Marino Manganto, CEO of IKEA Al-Homaizi for Kuwait, Jordan and Morocco, told Kuwait Times.

"The magazine is considered a digital tool that creates a database of knowledge, which consumers or anyone interested in knowing about our 'Functional Home' concept can access and gets some tips and ideas, recipes for healthy food and ways to find a solution for a specific problem," he said.

"Every year, IKEA is committed to lowering the prices of our products. This year, we will lower the prices of some specific items, although we cannot go against the global tide and prevailing circumstances. In the past one-and-half year, we absorbed a lot of price pressures on the market. So we tried to minimize the impact of price inflation on customers. Therefore, we price products individually, which means, we don't do a general pricing for all the products at all locations. It is a very meticulous process and we try to protect the products people love as much as possible," Manganto pointed out.

"Our plan for the next year is to get closer to people in Kuwait more than before. In the last two years, business was great, and since the pandemic, we have seen a big rise in e-commerce sales. IKEA Kuwait is one of the top stores in the world and it is very important, not only from a regional perspective, but from a global perspective too. Therefore, IKEA seeks to understand the needs of the customers in Kuwait in order to be unique in the market," he said.