KUWAIT: Carrefour, owned and operated by Majid Al-Futtaim Retail in Kuwait, hosted students of the Hope School for Special Needs on 19 January for an apprenticeship day that brought them into stores to build their skills and grow their confidence. Hosted at hypermarket within Kuwait City’s 360 Mall, the apprenticeship day aimed to underline Carrefour’s commitment to talentism and diversity. The unique program enhanced the participants’ knowledge of the retail industry, career opportunities and necessary skills to succeed.

Jean Abdessater, Head of Commercial and Operation Services at Carrefour Kuwait, commented: “The well-being of communities starts by taking care of each and every individual, and this fact is what inspires every day at Carrefour. The students of Hope School were outstanding, and made it clear that despite the challenges we may face, each of us has an important role to play in the community. I would like to thank Hope School for this collaboration, as well as the Carrefour team members who made this happen - demonstrating our heart-felt, inclusive approach to business.”

Jean Abdessater

Dr Linda Graves Fouke

9 children had the chance to perform three main duties at Carrefour. The first task was to bag items for customers, helping support oral comprehension, physical coordination, interaction, and knowledge. Here, children also learned the importance of choosing sustainable bags offered at Carrefour rather than regular plastic bags.

The second task was as a packer, which provided knowledge of industry safety regulations and encouraged children to become more attentive to details. The task also helped to build self-independence, motivation, and oral and written communication skills. Children were tasked with keeping products on shelves separated, organized, and rotated.

The third task saw students become Carrefour ambassadors, interacting with customers and introducing them to the elevated shopping experience offered at Carrefour stores. Students highlighted the Scan & Go service, which helps customers skip the queue and save time by scanning as they shop, for purchasing through the MAFCarrefour application or instantly at the cash counters.

Additionally, students supported customers with the Valet Trolley service, which saves customers time by having their items delivered direct to their doorstep. The activity helped students understand the importance of technology in running a business, as well as building communication skills, responsibility, and patience.

On behalf of Hope School for Special Needs, Dr Linda Graves Fouke, the School Principal, commented: “HOPE school is very grateful for this opportunity for our students to experience real-world tasks and responsibilities in such a popular and diverse retail environment as Carrefour. One of HOPE school’s primary missions is to promote Awareness, Acceptance and Appreciation of our students’ unique abilities. I certainly believe that has been achieved with today’s collaboration. Carrefour has combined fun and active learning with on-site training to engage our students in meaningful real-world experiences. Thank you, Team Carrefour.” The collaboration with Hope School underlines Carrefour’s commitment to making a difference in the communities in which it operates. The event highlighted the importance of individual contributions in the creation of a society that prioritizes inclusion and equal opportunity.