By Abdellatif Sharaa

KUWAIT: Head of the Youth Early Awareness Initiative Dr Mariam Abdulmohsen Al-Otaibi announced Cancer Aware Nation (CAN) organized a padel tournament under the theme "sport is prevention".  Dr Otaibi, who is member of CAN, said this is the first activity of its kind within CAN's youth cancer awareness campaign that aims to attract youth and draw their attention to the importance of sports to prevent cancer, adding the tournament has a good turnout.

CAN is keen to organize such activities, as the number of diagnosed cancer cases in those under 40 reached 532 according to latest statistics of Kuwait Cancer Control Center, making up 20 percent of the number of cases diagnosed annually. Hidou team, the sports arm of CAN, said sports events encourage youth to practice sport, adding this maiden event had 16 doubles teams (32 players), and the winning team was of Hussein Behbehani.