By Majd Othman

Great competition between restaurants pushes business owners to create new atmosphere in order to attract customers. Burgo is one of the restaurants that is keen to merge family fun and friendly dining atmosphere in unusual and fascinating manner. The restaurant invokes the 80s era and space-style in their designs.

As you enter the restaurant, you will be captivated with the designs. The music will make you to feel as if you are in the movie "back to the future" - where you experience the feeling of the past and future at the same time. In an exclusive interview, Mohammad Merza told Kuwait times that the restaurant provides delicious burgers for the kids, among other things. "As the first concept that targets the children in Kuwait, we offer a well-packaged entertainment programs for kids and their families," he said.

Burgo restaurant: Eat and dine stylishly
Burgo restaurant: Eat and dine stylishly
Burgo restaurant: Eat and dine stylishly

He pointed out that although the restaurant was recently opened, the demands and patronage have been wonderful. "I think it is as a result of the style and the diversity. When you buy burger; you have access to games and other fun-packed activities the restaurant offers. We added another concept. We serve desserts as well. We also plan to open 'Sweet Tooth' that sells milkshakes, donuts and ice-cream as well," Merza added.

"Because Burgo underlines the importance of reading and education, we distribute short story books to kids which are related to our space concept. We merged entertainment and learning through an interactive way - using stickers, coloring, and writing. What makes us different is that we upgrade our services as we focus on the children's interests," he said.

In Burgo, we have game collections are from the 80s era. These are for adults. However, this collection of games changes every month, to give the adults a great time to enjoy with their kids. Also, there are valuable prizes such as money, free meals and cameras. "Meanwhile, we have decided to collaborate with Kuwaiti local businesses to sell some products to our valuable customers such as trendy shirts and other accessories. This adds a new concept to the restaurants," Merza said.

On other hand, the Burgo menu is very unique. It adds the local taste, ingredients, sauces and wonderful spices. Meanwhile, the founders came-up with a nice idea - offering a secret menu that is only for the lucky ones who finds it by chance. In the same style (like in the 80s), Burgo restaurant offers a car hub for their customers instead of the delivery service. This attracts customers to enjoy in a great atmosphere, as they invite people to come and try their fresh baked burgers.