KUWAIT: Burgan Bank has organized a special training course for the newly hired accounting experts of the Ministry of Justice. This initiative highlights the bank's strategic commitment under its social responsibility programs promoting a stronger community engagement and maximizing the value of its expertise through knowledge sharing and transfer.

The special course was organized by Burgan's Learning and Talents Development Department in collaboration with the Retail, Corporate and Legal Departments. Designed to share the bank's knowledge and experience for the purpose of enhancing the public's understanding of the banking sector's dynamics and functions, it offered the 25 participating accounting experts the chance to engage in a unique learning experience.

The training program focused on the objectives of growing the participants' awareness, technical skills and knowledge of the banking sector and helping them develop their potential and improve their abilities. These objectives would ultimately help the participants elevate their performance to contribute to the successful accomplishment of the mission of the Ministry of Justice. By identifying the links between the acquired knowledge of the banking concepts and functions and their roles at the Ministry of Justice, the trainees would be able to advance the management of the legal and social matters relevant to their roles.

Bashar Khalid Al-Qattan, Manager at the Learning and Talent Development Department, commented this training saying "At Burgan, we value knowledge and we believe that it is a unique resource which worth increases through use and sharing. Therefore, we engage in dynamic projects and partnerships focused on leveraging and sharing knowledge in order to foster a community-wide collective creativity and push for an innovative lifelong learning mindset. Organizing this training for the accounting experts of the Ministry of Justice is another confirmation of the bank's firm support to empowering Kuwaiti human capital and promoting their skills to contribute to positive change and progress in our community."

Burgan Bank keeps developing its social responsibility programs to reflect the core values of its corporate culture, which revolve around encouraging continuous learning and fostering creativity and innovation as pillars of sustainability and development. It also maintains impactful collaborations with organizations acting for the same goals of promoting impactful learning opportunities as well as awareness and capacity building among the Kuwaiti human capital in particular to contribute to preparing the future leaders of change and the driving force of progress and growth.