KUWAIT: Under the patronage and in the presence of Sheikh Fawaz Al-Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, Governor of Ahmadi, Burgan Bank recently concluded its sponsorship of Ahmadi Governorate's Fourth Annual Day of People with Disabilities event. This yearly tradition is organized to mark the International Day for People with Disabilities as designated by the United Nations on the third of December each year. Held at Kuwait Magic Mall, in partnership with the Public Authority for People with Disabilities, the event was attended by His Excellency the Governor of Ahmadi, as well as representatives of Burgan Bank from various departments.

The bank's sponsorship of this important initiative falls under the umbrella of its annual strategic sponsorship of and partnership with Ahmadi Governorate activities. Commenting on the sponsorship,  Hessa Hussain Al-Najadah, Senior Manager of Corporate and CSR Communications at Burgan Bank, said "Today we affirm our commitment to our values and our social responsibility goals. We are delighted to play a part in celebrating the International Day for People with Disabilities.

This milestone day on the calendar has been designated globally by the United Nations since 1992 as a day to support this vital segment of the population- and guarantee their rights as an important part of the community". Al-Najadah also pointed out that this initiative by Burgan Bank reflects its eagerness to actively raise awareness of the importance of integrating people with disabilities into social life, enabling them to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development.

Al-Najadah added: "Burgan was and still is one of the biggest supporters of this segment in society, and recognizes their great determination, persistence, and will to challenge their disability, embodied by their ongoing achievements in every walk of life. The bank is proud to lead the way in sponsoring their events and celebrations, as we continue to provide all means of support possible to empower them towards playing pivotal role within our society".

She also thanked Ahmadi Governorate for its great interest and adoption of this cause as part of their long-term 'My More Beautiful Governorate' developmental project. She also lauded the efforts of all the participating civic groups and volunteering organizations who made this event a success.

An official at Ahmadi governorate said: "We feel proud to continue our commitment to this project that aims to drive community development under the banner 'My More Beautiful Governorate' through our continuous annual Ahmadi Governorate event for people with disabilities". "This important initiative confirms the governorate's belief in the importance of exercising social responsibility to the fullest, and the need to create solid bonds that integrate our sons and daughters with disabilities into society," he added.

It is worth noting that this annual event previously witnessed a large number of participants, which included specialized governmental, civil and volunteer organizations. The aim of the initiative since its inception has been strengthening the role of people with disabilities as an integral part of society, and encouraging them to hold on to the will and ability to make great achievements. The event also included various recreational and sports activities, as well as the distribution of valuable prizes to the participants.

Burgan Bank remains committed to supporting and empowering various organizations, groups, activities and initiatives that focus on people with disabilities, in an effort to promote their complete inclusion into all aspects of society, in line with Kuwait's Vision 2035.