Al-Khaled Abdulrazzaq Al-Khaled Al-Khaled Abdulrazzaq Al-Khaled

KUWAIT: Boursa Kuwait, the official operator of the Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE), announced yesterday that the Companies Information Portal (CIP) is now live and fully functional. Listed companies can now access the portal through the KSE website and upload their company related information by using the username and password provided to them.

The Companies Information Portal is a tool designed by Boursa Kuwait, with the aim of providing a credible and updated information platform for all listed companies, which can be used as a reference site by all stakeholders. The Portal allows listed companies to upload their profile page, news regarding disclosure announcements and their financial statements, with full authority to make regular updates. Commenting on this announcement, Vice Chairman and CEO Boursa Kuwait, Khaled Abdulrazzaq AlKhaled said: “The Companies Information Portal is one step further towards creating a more transparent and efficient exchange.

The Boursa Kuwait website acts as the main reference for information for all stakeholders and it is our duty to ensure that our News Capturing and Dissemination Process is as developed as possible and that the information disclosed on the site is credible and valid.

This falls in line with our aim to progressively transition the stock exchange and deploy basic tools, systems and products that allow us to improve the standards of our operations.” The Boursa Kuwait website is the main source of exchange related news, and as a means of providing updates to all stakeholders and ensuring maximum reach, Boursa Kuwait has developed a bilingual RSS Feed.

Boursa Kuwait also announced several other developments, one of which was its recent affiliation with Thomson Reuters (TR), through which TR provides an advanced level of financial data services on the Boursa Kuwait website. This initiative comes in line with Boursa Kuwait’s mission driven strategy to create a more efficient stock exchange and promote a transparent approach that will allow it to progressively transition its operations.