KUWAIT: Boursa Kuwait is proud to announce that it has been accorded the official membership to join the International Capital Market Association (ICMA) on 1 January 2017. Commenting on this occasion, Boursa Kuwait Vice Chairman and CEO, Khaled Abdulrazzaq Al Khaled said in a press statement that: "Joining the ICMA is a major step for Boursa Kuwait. This puts us on the international map as contributors to the capital market as a whole and as active participants in shaping the future of the Kuwaiti market through dialogues on the international best practices."

Mr Al Khaled added: "To be part of an international community with access to a pool of expert professional market knowledge will keep us regularly informed of trends and developments in the industry that can only be beneficial to our national economy. In addition to that, Boursa Kuwait will contribute to an efficient dialogue with the regulators and the exchange members alike." ICMA is an international membership association which currently has over 500 members located in approximately 60 countries.  The ICMA seeks to promote resilient and well-functioning international debt capital markets.

It is worth noting that the ICMA works to help build trust in the industry by promoting internationally accepted standards of market practice through the development of appropriate, industry accepted, guidelines, rules, recommendations and standard documentation, to maintain and enhance the framework of cross border issuing, trading and investing in debt instruments. It also brings all segments of the industry together both the buy side and sell side, and encourages the issuance of financial regulations which promote the resilience, efficiency and cost effectiveness of international debt capital markets.