KUWAIT: Boubyan Bank made a new achievement that adds to its international rankings and ratings received since the beginning of this year, as the bank’s New Data Center received the “Tier III Gold Certification of Operational Sustainability” from Uptime Institute, the international institute specialized in certification of international data and information centers.

On this occasion, Waleed Al-Yaqout, General Manager at Boubyan Bank said: “The new data center’s receipt of this certification highlights the ceaseless efforts of Boubyan to improve the level and quality of services, especially in the area of operational sustainability, thus reinforcing our abilities to offer the best services to our customers, the thing which is one of our priorities during the development of business plans at Boubyan.”

Waleed Al-Yaqout

“This certification is leading as it is the top certification adopting recognized international standards to evaluate the reliability of the performance of data centers along with practices and risks considered to be of priority to the their operations, in addition to commitment to recommended practices to achieve optimal performance of the installed infrastructure, mitigating down-time risks, and avoiding human errors”, he added.

He elaborated: “Receiving this prestigious certification complements the accomplishments of Boubyan Data Center, which has previously earned the Tier III Design Certification, for design of data centers worldwide in 2020, in addition to the Tier III Constructed Facility Certification, for actual implementation and operation in 2022 from the same entity,” he said.

Al-Yaqout added: “Boubyan will continue investing in infrastructure and in the development of the data center as per international leading practices adopted in building data centers in a manner that guarantees the bank’s leadership in terms of complying with the best industry standards worldwide in operational sustainability.”

“Our accomplishments since the beginning of this year can be attributed to setting up a clear strategy, assembling an experienced executive team, returning to basics of banking business, focusing on customer service, investing in digital banking services, investing in our human resources, and focusing on national cadres,” he highlighted.

Certification criteria

The new Boubyan Bank Data Center was awarded the Gold Certification following audits by Uptime Institute to inspect data centers, their operational efficiency, and infrastructure, in addition to the Institute’s assessment of the proposed ideas for the best practices and innovative solutions to make further achievements and maintain excellence in sustainability and operation.

It is worth mentioning that Uptime Institute is the leading international body in the assessment of data centers based on their satisfaction of standards and criteria required by international leading practices for data centers’ design.

Boubyan Data Center

The building of Boubyan Bank’s new data center was designed and delivered as per the standards of Uptime Institute Tier III Certification. All the equipment operated in the building has backup in order to guarantee uninterrupted service along with continuous cooling in line with the Tier III requirements of operational sustainability.

The data center is spanned over 3 floors (Basement, Ground Floor, and 1st Floor), and comprises of 99 data cabinets, in addition to two power adapters, and two power generators in order to guarantee uninterrupted power supply in case of any power failure.