KUWAIT: Boubyan Bank has continued topping the pyramid of customer service in Kuwait, evidenced by earning two awards from Service Hero, the international consumer-driven customer satisfaction index. The bank was named the Best Islamic Bank in Customer Service for the 13th year in a row since 2010, in addition to receiving the 'First Place Award in Customer Service' as a country winner across all economic sectors in Kuwait.

Abdullah Al-Mejhem, chief private banking and chief consumer banking, commented on Boubyan Bank's continued leadership in customer service: "We take pride in this achievement which highlights our commitment in Boubyan Bank to reach the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We are keen on continuous engagement with our customers to guarantee that we offer them quality banking services and products that meet their expectations and needs, thus raising the bar for offering outstanding service levels that exceed customers' expectations."

"Receiving this award for the 13th year in a row reiterates our customers' trust in our bank and their satisfaction with our level of service, which has not been compromised despite the ongoing increase in our customers' base, which always represents a fresh challenge to our employees to maintain the same levels of service," Al-Mejhem added.

He elaborated: "This phase is full of challenges, especially amid the fierce competition among various business sectors, and we endeavor to improve our performance using research and evaluation tools. As we employ these tools and understand the findings and indicators in a sound manner, we can form a clear perception of our customers' expectations and needs, thus allowing us, first and foremost, to manage customers' expectations with an optimal service level by adopting a well-studied strategy and successfully implementing the same."

Moreover, he highlighted: "Our digital transformation strategy and leadership in offering leading digital services and solutions enhanced customers' satisfaction with our services, contributed to their successful banking experience, and proved the necessity of investment in digital services and expansion of the same. Boubyan is always engaged with customers through studies, surveys, and data analysis to ensure reaching the highest levels of satisfaction, and implementation of the same as per international standards."

He went on to add: "What distinguishes Boubyan the most is that despite the ongoing growth of its customers' base, this does not compromise the quality of service or have any negative impact thereon due to such an increase, which always represents a fresh challenge to our employees to maintain the same levels of service." Al-Mejhem concluded: "Customer service necessitates that all employees of the bank continue offering the highest levels of service, and that they should constantly improve the same to maintain customers' confidence and give them an advantage when compared with other financial institutions. Customer service challenges are increasing day-by-day, and this adds new responsibilities to various departments of the bank."

Rationale of selection

Boubyan's choice by Service Hero relied on a group of criteria including a survey that extended over one year among consumers who evaluated companies on a scale of 10 against their service-level expectations, their experience and satisfaction following the customer-service experience.  The evaluation relied on many elements such as staff's attitude, location of the bank, speed of service, confidence in the product, quality of service or product, value for money, the contact center, and the website of the bank. Service Hero's survey implements a strict protocol to confirm the identity of consumers who take part in the survey.