KUWAIT: An unidentified body of a male believed to be Asian was found near Kabd highway. Security sources said the body was referred to the coroner for further investigations about his identity and cause of death.

Drivers fight

Four Asian drivers were arrested in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh for fighting over customers, said security sources, noting that while arguing over the right to ferry the passengers, the men lunged at each other until police arrived and apprehended them all.

Missing girls found

Capital detectives arrested two non-Kuwaiti sisters who had been reported missing by their families over a month ago. Security sources said the girls were spotted wandering late at night and on asking for their IDs, they said they did not have any. On checking their fingerprints, detectives identified them and found they had been reported to have fled their family house in Jahra. The girls were referred to Waha police station for further investigations.

Drugs arrests

A GCC national who had been wanted for a four-year prison sentence was arrested in Amghara with hashish joints. Meanwhile, two citizens and a bedoon were arrested for wearing women's clothing, makeup and wigs. Security sources said the suspects also had illicit pills. The suspects told detectives they were on the way to a party.

Jahra detectives arrested a citizen, a female citizen and a non-Kuwaiti while heavily drugged in Nahda. Security sources said the suspects also possessed several types of drugs. The two men first claimed that they had picked up the girl to give her a lift, but she refuted these allegations, noting that she knew them both. Separately, a citizen and a female GCC national who had just arrived on a visit were arrested in Salmiya with hashish and some illicit pills. - Al-Rai/Al-Qabas