Washington: US President Joe Biden on Wednesday travels to Colorado, then California and Oregon, to promote his record in the three western states just under a month before the midterm elections.

Biden's first stop will be Camp Hale in Colorado, a former US Army World War II training ground in the Rocky Mountains, which he will designate as a national monument, according to the White House.

Protection of the site, where the 10th Mountain Division trained for conditions in the mountains of Italy, is a long-standing goal of Democratic Party leaders in the state.

Biden will also announce funding to address the region's drought problems, linked to a broad program of environmental investments and social spending passed by Congress this summer.

A month before the midterms, Biden is increasing his travels to promote his record in office, hoping it will allow Democrats to keep control of at least the Senate.

After Colorado, the president will head to California and Oregon to push his cost of living and infrastructure reforms.

The 79-year-old Democrat will also lend himself to fundraising efforts, a vital part of US politics.

A Democratic Party spokesperson recently said that "thanks in a large part to engagement from President Biden," the party has raised $107 million so far in 2022, a record for this point in the year. Since January, Biden has participated in 12 fundraising events.

US political commentators have, however, pointed out that this tour will not take the president to Arizona and Nevada, the two western states that promise to be key battlegrounds in the Senate races.