Kuwaiti woman are pioneers on many levels, and their beauty, fashion and style are not any different'

Dr Ramy Khoury

Kuwait Times had the privilege to interview one of the best aesthetic/cosmetic surgeon in Lebanon, Dr Ramy Khoury.

Dr  Khoury is the founder and owner of "The Clinic" for plastic surgery group practice in Lebanon. He studied medicine at the American University of Beirut (AUB). He went on from there to do a fellowship in plastic and aesthetic surgery from the Universities of Paris and specialized in head, neck and facial plastic surgery at SGHUMC. He currently works at Bellevue medical center as a full time aesthetic surgeon. Dr Ramy also has an American Board Diploma in liposuction and fat grafting. He is a member of EAFPS (European academy of facial plastic surgery ). Some excerpts from the interview.

Kuwait Times:  How do you explain the approach of women to plastic surgery nowadays to enhance their beauty?

Dr Ramy Khoury: Plastic surgery has become part of a woman's care routine - it's a lifestyle. It has become a tool used to preserve beauty and allow the modern woman to age gracefully.

KT: What do you think about Arab women and their obsession with cosmetic and plastic surgeries?

Dr Khoury: Arab women do take a lot of special care of their appearance, but I would definitely not call it an obsession. Arab women are playing an emerging and ever-growing role in society. This might have led to a higher importance placed on their looks.

KT: Do you get a lot of Kuwaiti female patients?

Dr Khoury: Yes, we have a lot of female Kuwaiti patients.

KT: How do you define Kuwaiti women when it comes to fashion, beauty and style?

Dr Khoury: Kuwaiti woman are pioneers on many levels and their beauty, fashion and style are not any different. They are always looking for perfection. Many Kuwaiti socialites and bloggers have become trendsetters in the region.

KT: What is the percentage of men compared to women at your clinic? And which procedures do they demand the most?

Dr Khoury: We are almost close to a 7 to 3 female to male ratio at our clinic. Rhinoplasty, liposcuplting, eyelid surgery and hair transplant are amongst the most-demanded procedures by men.

KT: Do you think all women are starting to look alike due to plastic surgeries?

Dr Khoury: The idea that all women are starting to look alike because of plastic surgery is an inaccurate generalization. However, it's the plastic surgeon's job to guide his patients into understanding their individual beauty. A good plastic surgeon determines each woman's proportions. Every woman represents her own identity and plastic surgery should help in enhancing her looks and not changing them. We do see a lot of cases where women want to mirror a certain look and that is a choice they make. Plastic surgery is a tool and not a cause.

KT: What are the most common procedures demanded?

Dr Khoury: Liposcuplting has prevailed in the past 10 years to become among the most demanded surgical procedures, followed by breast augmentation. Botox and fillers remain amongst the most-demanded noninvasive procedures.

KT: At what age women need to start taking care of themselves?

Dr Khoury: When it comes to beauty and aesthetics, age is not measured by a number. Prevention will always remain better than any treatment, therefore we advise women to start taking care of themselves as young adults.

KT: What are the latest developments in plastic surgery and what do you expect in the near future?

Dr Khoury: Plastic surgery has evolved a lot in the past decade and many subcategories and specialties have developed. There is no place anymore for a one-man show type work, which led to a group practice approach.  New procedures, products and technologies are always emerging in this ever-growing research-based industry.

KT: Plastic and cosmetic surgeries can be addictive. How do you deal with women who are addicted to it?

Dr Khoury: It's always important to create trust between us and our patients - it's the key to the success of everything we do. We always make sure to give professional, objective and most importantly ethical opinions and advice to our patients. Our philosophy is reversing age and not changing features.

KT: From a plastic surgeon's point of view, how do you define beauty?

Dr Khoury: Regardless of trends, beauty will always be about preserving youth as much as possible and correcting any disproportions while dealing with each individual and never generalizing a beauty definition on all.

KT: From a man's point of view, how do you define beauty?

Dr Khoury: A beautiful woman is a confident woman who cares for herself and her body.

KT: What advice do you give to women in order to preserve their beauty?

Dr Khoury: Prevention is the best treatment.

KT: What do you have to say about medical tourism in Lebanon?

Dr Khoury: Lebanon remains one of the best destinations for aesthetic tourism (medical tourism in general). Lebanese surgeons have gathered the best experience, knowledge, technique and skills from around the world. They are up-to-date with all the latest. A wave of Lebanese plastic surgeons has invaded the world in the last two decades while maintaining a great reputation. Lebanon has a lot to offer in fashion, food, lifestyle, culture, history, hospitality and skilled professionals, which makes it a great regional affordable destination for Class A medical tourism.

KT: What do you tell Kuwaiti women and men who want to undergo any kind of cosmetic or plastic surgeries?

Dr Khoury: I tell them to always aim for the best and never compromise when it comes to your face and bodies. Lebanon has a lot to offer, but they should do their research and find the right and trustworthy doctors to deal with.

By Sahar Moussa